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Scott Black - #108

"Well, thought I would fill you in on the maiden voyage of my new Raider II Turbo event if there ever was one :).

So, the sign of a good boat is one which a novice can take it out and keep things together....the sign of a GREAT boat is one which a novice can take it out, do MANY things wrong, forget to attach some key parts, and STILL have a good time (and survive).

I want to thank all of you for creating a GREAT boat. I know I have a ways to go skill wise, so I don't see growing out of this boat anytime soon."

Dave Ellis #107 – Helped develop the Raider II Sport with jib and a Raider II owner

Dave is a six time Windmill World Champion, crewed for 2007 Flying Dutchman National Champ and crewed for 11th place Flying Dutchman Worlds 2006. Sailing Master and Regatta Coordinator for 12 years at Saint Petersburg Yacht Club. Raider test pilot.

"I sailed the Raider at St. Pete a couple of years ago sailing alongside a top Laser full rig fellow and beat him upwind but I felt the boat needed more power. It certainly has that power now with the jib. I am impressed with the speed on free legs and its windward ability, but mostly with the righting moment. I am not used to being that comfortable. The new hull shape is “Outstanding, it is much livelier”. I enjoy the challenge of making the Raider as fast as it can be, yet sailable for a 65 year-old. I think we have attained that goal."

Scott Norman, Small boat specialist, Harken Southeast OEM and Custom Sales

"Fast, exciting sailing with a clean rigging layout. A very practical go fast day sailer with out the frequent swimming lessons that are usually associated with high performance dinghies."

Rick Martin -  Raider II owner

"Hi Mark, Reluctantly I've had to give in to the imminent arrival of winter after a delightful summer and fall of sailing the Raider. I stored the boat about a week ago and have been meaning to give you a report. In a nutshell the Raider II is everything I expected and more. It's a fantastic boat and I feel fortunate to own one.

The boat balances perfectly I can't remember sailing any boat that is this responsive and yet so light on the helm. The boat has been great in all wind conditions. Nothing here on Lake Mendota can touch me, big or small. In a breeze with crew you feel the power and performance along with complete control. And of course it screams off the wind. Your workmanship is outstanding. The fit and finish is near perfect. Same for Joe's sails and the boat cover. Lastly it's a shame the Raider II seems to be the best kept secret among modem performance dinghies. It’s a great boat, great quality, great value and 100% made in the USA."

Harry Stupor - owner of hull #41 Raider 16, after sailing new Raider II Turbo with screecher.

 "What a ride! It was the fastest I have sailed in a monohull and rivals my past experiences in a Hobie 16."

Ben Brewster - New owner of Raider Turbo #110

"You make a fantastic boat. It really is performance for the rest of us. Exactly what I wanted, 3 sails and compact enough to fit in my garage. Really blessed to own one. Thanks so much Mark and God bless!!"



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