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Very nice write-up by Dave Ellis describing the Raider II Turbo in the September 2010 edition of Southwinds Magazine.

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RELEASE: February 14th, 2013
Johannsen Boat Works of Vero Beach, FL selected to build new glass Windmill.

After over a year of work and development, the first new fiberglass Windmill from Johannsen Boat Works is a reality for the one design.  Johannsen, long time builder of the Raider line is expanding production to provide fiberglass hulls to the Windmill community.

The standard configuration includes the installation of the bailer, chainplates, headstay tang, inspection ports and drain plugs. Standard color is a white hull with a cream colored deck. Other colors are available and Johannsen can also install other options as desired.

Now Windmill owners can upgrade with a totally new boat, or keep all of their components and just get a new hull!

RELEASE: June 4, 2010
Johannsen Boat Works of Vero Beach, FL begins production of the new line of RAIDER II sailboats.

After two years of design, testing and development, RAIDER II Sailboats are being delivered to customers in the southeast. The design of the RAIDER II was conceived to bring high performance sailing to beginners and experienced sailors alike regardless of skill level or athletic ability. The RAIDER can be sailed for pleasure or raced competitively single-handed or with a crew. The 7’2” beam gives the RAIDER II excellent stability and the unique hull design allow planing speeds in excess of 13 kts. in moderate winds. This striking 16 footer has a waterline length of 15’ 10”. With a narrow waterline beam, a very fine entry and a high aspect daggerboard, the upwind performance is excellent.

The prototypes and pre production models have been extensively tested in the Gulf, Atlantic, Caribbean and Pacific coast in a broad range of wind and sea conditions and proved to be very durable. With a hull weight of 200 lbs., the RAIDER II can be easily and quickly ramp or beach launched.

The cockpit of the RAIDER has been designed for comfortable daysailing with all "hard spots" and corners being eliminated. All sail control lines are led to the cockpit for easy sail control. The hull features Harken and other fine quality hardware.

Raider II sailboats are offered in two configurations. mainsail and jib which is intended for single or double handed club and one design racing and the Turbo model which includes an Asymmetrical spinnaker or Screecher. Even the Turbo can be single-handed by experienced sailors.

All models feature Mylar sails, lightweight high performance control lines and carry a 5-year manufacturer's hull warranty.

A “One Design” racing class has been formed for RAIDER II.

Contact: Mark Johannsen @ 800-869-0773


PH (800) 869-0773