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Asymetrical Spinnaker

Furling Screecher

In addition to the standard sail plan, Johannsen Boat Works offers purchasers of the Raider II Turbo a choice of either a traditonal asymetrical spinnaker or a fully furling screecher with Harken furler, mounted on a carbon fiber retractable bow sprit.  With either factory installed sail, all the lines and rigging hardware are included.


                                Screecher Bow Sprit and Furler

In making their choice, prospective Turbo sailors must first determine the sail best suited for their particular application and our expert staff is ready to assist in that process.


The name "Screecher" comes from a combination of spinnaker and reacher and provides maximum versatility and functionality in varying wind velocities and points of sail.  In light airs, due to its smaller size and draft, the Screecher can be used as an upwind genoa approaching 45 degrees apparent wind angle. As the wind increases, it transitions to a reaching sail with the wind more off the beam and in heavy air, becomes an effective downwind sail approaching 135 degrees of apparent wind angle. 

Rigging, setting and dousing the Screecher is much less complicated then a traditional spinnaker owing to the Harken furling system and this offers a distinct advantage to the less experienced or short-handed helmsman or single-handed racer.

Asymetrical Spinnaker

If maximum performance downwind is the primary goal, then the traditional asymetrical spinnaker should be strongly considered. Being slightly larger and with a deeper draft, it is more effective downwind approaching 160 degrees of apparent wind angle.  Unlike the Screecher, it cannot be rolled onto a furler and so requires more effort and expertise in rigging, hoisting and retrieval.




The chart below illustrates a comparison of the approximate effective ranges of both types based on wind angle and speed.


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